Our team

DOGGIES & compagnie is an ever growing team of men and women, who are passionated by animals and who are always willing to offer the best that we can propose. This strong team is built up with the help of a little number of hosting families, who are carefully selected by geographical departments and who are ready to enjoy living a few days with a dog or to discover with curiosity a cat during home visits.

Gabriela Chaussade Janickova

Gabriela Chaussade Janickova is the  DOGGIES & compagnie founder in 2005. She has imported the concept from London, where she worked for 5 years in the dog walking and bog boarding for private people. Since then, she is surrounded by a highly cohesive and professionnal team, which works every day to keep happy our 4 legged  friends. 


Guillaume is a fine expert in dog training, as you will see with his faithfull dog Guizmo, an australian shepherd sweet and smart. He has devoted the rest of his time (apart from family of course), to take care of reptiles, and others special animals, which he has bred with patience and profesionalism.


Sabrina will immediatly enlighten the day of your 4 legged friend with her joyfull and dynamic attitude. She is very keen of big dogs and she knows how to take care of your dog like her own child


Mickaël will pleasantly surprise you with his so good mood and  easyness, that he has with your dog. He is really keen withour little sweat molosses (pugs, bulldogs, etc...), even if they do little "but noices" and have fun growling He is asloour expert for cats on all types


Béatrice is our wise spirit, who has worked with us for many years to take care of your dogs (big, small, dynamic, sofa lazy, etc...). She will board and go for daily walks in the city to help your dog to socialize with other city dogs.  


Johanna is our specialist of unusual and funny timetable boarding, either at your place or in hotels. During your short or long trips away, you can fully trust her serenity and love for dogs.


Trish is part of our exotic crew in Le Berry. In her beautifull countryside, she will board your dogs, who will share the daily life of her two faithfull and sweat friendly dogs, Rex & Geogre for walks in the nature and river baths.

Eric Chaussade

Eric Chaussade is the le co-founder of DOGGIES & compagnie. Quiet and carefull towards our fury friends, he has created a dog training programm easily undertsandable for everydoby.
He coordinates all the team and will be your trustfully contact for any query, especially for unusual purposes like the pet relocation.