At DOGGIES & compagnie, we wish to walk, board, and travel with your pet anytime, anywhere.

« Your dog will be happy »

Every day, dogs need to have a social life with other dogs and to use their full energy. This is the best way to avoid  them  getting bored, even if we give them so much love and attention. Most of our  dogs are happy running 1 or 2 hours a day and playing with other dogs, as they will develop their own way to keep themselves busy. At DOGGIES & compagnie, we do not throw balls, wood, etc... to avoid your dog to get obsessed about it: we teach them how to play on their own and to find friends. If your dog is sometimes damaging stuff at home (sofa, plants, etc...), it is simply, that their instinct goes over what we taught them and that it is high time to go for a big social walks in the forest.

During your holidays, your dog may not be able to stay without human's presence and love, but also the confort of a warm and familly house. In this case, the family home boarding will meet all their expentations and will let you leave with a peacefull mind.


« Your cat will stay cool »

While you are away,your cat  even though they are)  the boss at home, could not stay too long without some to entertain them in theirenvironment. He may be sweet, curious or even acting like a ghost, we will always keep clean and healthy everything around them and make sure that you will find them  with all the serenity he had before you .


We are clearly engaged in a real professionalism system to answer with serious and patience what you would expect from us. We all know that you have to trust us on  first sight, because we want your pet to  be taken care of with all the security measures, that they desserve.

DOGGIES & compagnie is a company, which received from legal authorities :

  • the Activity Authorization from the Préfecture of Nanterre;
  • All the Certificats from the Vetenary Services to carry live pets with our vans : N° 2011.03089, 2013-1075, 2013-1076, 2013-1077 ;

We have an Ethics Charter, understoodand signed by all our employees, which shows our works with the pets and clients.

Our staff in charge of daily dog walks are fully qualified and have received :

  • the "Ability Certificat" (Certificat de capacité in french) to be able to work with live animals and delivered by the vetenary services of Nanterre Prefecture;
  • the Certificat of professionnal training to transport live animals;

Our hosting families,  have been carefully selected according to the love and passion they will give to your pet.

  • our DOGGIES List, remembrering all the essential elements and behaviour to have regarding their mission, to keep your pet safe and happy in their new environment.


Finaly, we are fully insured in civil responsability by the MMA compagnie from the beginning since 2005.

Download our Ethics charter.