We will come and pick up your dog at your home for walks in the forestwhere we have differents games areas to play with his or her new dog  buddies. Our vans are specifically equipped and have large windows, to make sure your dog will travel confortably and safely. With dog groups we take into account their behaviour and their physical health.
We board your dog at our house (closed garden) or in hosting families at any time when you are away. At DOGGIES & compagnie our employees  are carefully selected according to what you are looking for for your dog (being the only dog or having friends, doing full exercices or staying in a comfy home, etc...). We can of course introduce you to our hosting families and we will provide you with a 7 days a week contact number for any queries and to make sure your dog is feeling well and happy.
During bank and childrens holidays, we organise dog trips for long weekends or for a whole week to board your dog in the countryside or by the sea. We keep our clients informed for each departure to plan your dogs  own holidays : this will not be a dog kennel experience, but a lifeshare with humans either in a genuine farm or near the long wild beaches of the atlantic cost.
As you know well your cat, will not like change their territory and leave your home while you are away. Nevertheless, they need attention when you are away, and we will propose to you a visit your cat at your home, to play with him, to change their liter and to change food and water. You decide the visits frequencies every day or every two days and you can also meet our cat sitters, employed by DOGGIES & compagnie.
We provide a full package of pets relocation services from the dedicated dog or cat taxi to transport your pet at the airport, up to flying with them by plane to your new home abroad. In this way the customs process is more straight forward and easier, and you avoid the storage of your pet in a cargo warehouse.
With a professionnal dog trainer, we will provide customised lessons to solve the serious behaviour problems of your dog. Dog social training : more basically, to give your dog good éducation manners, we can strenghen your complicity with them, while sharing with us dedicated dog walks. Then, you will  be more aware of the way that they behave with humans and other dogs.
- Do not hesitate to contact our dog expert Gabriela, to get free advices to choose your future dog, who you will share over a decade of your life; - We will help you to choose the best gears according to its condition and for its education : harness vs collar,  telescopic leash vs short leash, long training leash vs education collar, basket vs crate, etc.....;



-50% for your second pet for the same service.

NO ENROLLMENT FEES, you just pay as you go and we reward your fidelity with our TARIFS PRIVILEGE programm to save up to 15%, as soon as you have spent 1500 €uros in a year, when you are using both regular dog walks services and occasionnal dog boarding. The Privillège tariffs do not apply to customized services and additional fees may applied (by upgrading the category size of your dog or by keeping the “Dicovery” tariffs according to each case) :

  • Regarding the boarding : for dogs not clean inside or who would pee because of other dogs presence, for dogs requiring to be board alone, or who will require a special attention (loneliness fear, special care, etc....).
  • Regarding forest dog walks : dogs requiring special attention because of anxiety or aggressivity, dogs who require to be kept on leash, as long as they are learning to integrate the dog pack and dogs living in an area non-easy accessible by car.


Which category of size is your dog : for the pricing

  • Small size : de 1 à 15 kg
  • Big size : de 15 à 30 kg
  • Giant size : + de 30 kg

No walks or boarding for 1st an 2nd category dogs, according to the french laws.

To have a fun and safe time, before entering DOGGIES walks or boarding, your dog must be current on their DHLPP, Rabies and Bordatella, deworming and treatment against ticks(piroplasmose) and flees (Ask your veterinian for more information on these vaccinations).

We supply a 7d/7 services for the local walks and home visits, with only an extra fee of+ 50% on bank holidays and sunday. There is no extra fee for seasonnable reasons regarding the dog boarding. Our "holidays" dog boarding trips stay at the "Discovery" fare and have to paid in total to finalize the booking.

A first appointment may be necessary to meet you and your dog or cat. We will come to your place for a fixed fee of 25 €uro, in order to finalize all the relevant informations regarding your animal and to orgnanize our regular visits at your home. Any dedicated visit to pickup or dropoff keys is charged 13€.

An additional fee for transport may apply according to the loction of the pickup/drop off service.

For all our customized services, we will give you a quotation shortly :

  • Dog training for basics
  • Dog sociabilisation / Puppy fun play time
  • Pet taxi
  • Grooming with our partners